Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Community banks are at a disadvantage to larger institutions when meeting the increasing compliance and operational risk demands. Seldom are community banks able to dedicate a single resource or team to this critical role. Risk appetite impacts banking strategy, capital allocation, and risk and is a shared responsibility across all departments and disciplines. And because every bank and management team assesses risk differently, we design customized ERM programs aligned with your bank’s unique business focus, complexity, and size.

  • What is the unique risk appetite that your organization manages?
  • How do risk appetite impact business unit objectives when entering a new service or product offering?
  • How is risk measured and understood by senior management and board governance?
  • How current is organizational knowledge surrounding regulatory landscape changes? 


Working with your business leaders and subject matter experts, we will evaluate the cost-benefit of risk management efforts and assist with developing supporting articles such as policy statements, key risk indicator calibration, and summary governance reporting. Together, we create a uniformly understood approach to risk.  

$ 490 MM
40 %
$ 6 MM
29 %

Successful Project Outcomes

Revenue Enhancements
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Revenue Enhancements/Platform Architect - Delivered franchise-wide system upgrade that yielded 70% reduction in account opening time, 100% compliance with BSA/KYC regulatory rules, and increased cross sales by 60% within first 90 days of implementation.
Improving Efficiency Ratio
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Soup to nuts review of deposits/card operations, reduced redundant costs, improved work flow and yielded $1MM in annual interest expense.
Commercial/Business Deposit Business
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Commercial/Business Deposit Business Risk Review & Recommendations - Identified $500 Thousand in annualized non-interest revenue growth for $2 Billion asset community Bank.
Bank Turnaround
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Bank Turnaround - Restored profitability in just 20 months to bank with multiple Consent Orders and MOU and a loss of $20 Million per year, including termination of all regulatory findings.
Core Deposit Growth
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Introduced new product, pricing and target marketing strategies resulting in over $500MM in new core deposits in 8 months
Risk Management Framework
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Risk Management Framework - Introduced Policies and Key Risk Indicators reporting for $7 Billion institution in less than 5 months to directly address regulatory concerns.
Award Winning
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Developed Award Winning Online Banking Solution - Generated $2.7 Billion in low cost deposit growth for $30 Billion asset institution.